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intelliTeso Smart Climate Control System

A smart, configurable plug 'n' play rail vehicle climate control system using drop down lists to select parameters for quick and easy system configuration.

No Coding Required

No control coding is required. Configure your desired climate control system using a drop down lists from a simple browser interface.

Mobile Friendly

User Friendly web interface is supported across a wide range of platforms including windows, android and iOS.

OEM Cloud Connected

Deliver operational data direct to the OEM Cloud for later analysis and predictive maintenance.

Informative Graphics

Graphical representation of P&ID diagrams and real time data and events. 

Select the number of refrigeration circuits, compressors, condenser fans and heater banks.

Select hysteresis or fuzzy logic as the control algorithm, your choice of analogue or digital fan and air damper control and pressure sensor configuration can be digital or analogue.


Internal safety mechanism for protection of compressors and refrigeration circuits against high and low pressure.

Load sharing to lengthen the life of the compressors by switching load between different compressors according to the load requirement.

Improved Passenger Comfort

Using predictive and pre-emptive fuzzy logic control strategies, actions are taken to control refrigeration equipment for ultimate temperature and humidity performance.

Smart Power Management

Real-time energy consumption monitoring that staggers the timing of air conditioning unit starts, load sheds for reduced power consumption.

Improved Operational Efficiencies

Connection to the OEM Cloud provides the customer with the appropriate business intelligence to enable them to make improvements in their operations.

Reliability - Systems that run and run and run

EN50155 compliant equipment will  function at extended operational temperatures of -40°C to + 70°C and is capable of ten minutes of 85°C at start up.

Introduction to intelliTeso

This video explains the power of the intelliTeso browser interface. Look at the current system, configure set points or upload data logs.

Auto configuration of intelliTeso

This video explains how to configure your HVAC system without the need for application programming.

Discover the features of  intelliTeso

This video provides a thorough explanation of many of the features of the intelliTeso Smart Climate Control System for railway HVAC systems.

Compatible Hardware

Choose the Programmable Controller platform to suit your
air conditioning unit.


PC3 Series Modular Controller

This modular rail compliant controller allows you to select any number and type of PC3 I/O modules and communications interfaces to form the controller you need. 


PC2 Series Adaptable Controller

This comprehensive rail compliant controller connects to a wide range of sensors and interfaces. An LCD / keypad is optional.


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