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Rail Car HVAC Controls

We provide air conditioning sub-system designers and builders with unique insights into the effective control of rail vehicle air conditioners gathered from our 20-years of experience.


Our Advanced Temperature Control System has been designed with the comfort of passengers paramount. With its predictive and pre-emptive fuzzy logic control strategies, actions are taken to control refrigeration equipment for ultimate temperature and humidity performance.

The use of multiple HVAC units in the control philosophy allows integrated temperature management across a vehicle or a whole train. For colder climates the system interfaces to the evaporator heaters, heat banks, heat exchangers and boilers to provide adequate heating for passengers.

The incorporation of linear fan control technology reduces noise so passengers can relax on their journey.  

It is important that the train comfort control system integrates seamlessly into the total train management system (TMS). This is why our PC3 comes standard with a range of network connectivity options, such as Multi-Vehicle Bus (MVB), CANopen, IPTCom, LONWorks and many more, giving the train manufacturer the confidence that the system will deliver information to the driver as required. 


Our PC3 configurable hardware systems provide our customers with the confidence of a product designed specifically for the rail industry and is compliant to all major rail standards such as EN50155 .  
High speed vehicles provide unique challenges for the air conditioning system however the high response inputs and outputs of the OEM system is perfect for pressure wave management and redundancy.

Our IEC61131-3 software development environment gives the customer access to a powerful industry approved programming system to make changes to the operational parameters if required.


Our Compressor Protection System operates with all major compressor brands in the industry and provides intelligent compressor wear levelling which balances compressor usage across an HVAC unit, a train carriage or across a total vehicle.

This system reduces maintenance and avoids damage to these expensive assets. This combined with variable speed compressor control and our Smart Pressure Management reduces compressor load and resulting pressure faults.


The HVAC control system incorporates a Smart Power Management System with real-time energy consumption monitoring that staggers the timing of air conditioning unit starts, load sheds for reduced power consumption and uses emergency inverter control if necessary.

The full use of dampers for energy efficiency and better use of outside ambient air based on real time passenger load information keeps passengers comfortable while reducing costs.


Our systems connect to the “OEM Cloud” through integrated 3G wireless technology. The “OEM Cloud” provides a pay as you go model for the use of the OEM Internet Web portal and data streaming services. The portal provides the customer with the appropriate business intelligence to enable them to make improvements in their operations.

PC1 HVAC Controllers

The PC1 range of HVAC controllers have been designed and manufactured to meet the most demanding control and monitoring applications particularly in the rail HVAC and associated tr...

PC3 HVAC Controllers

The PC3 HVAC controllers is an innovative new product range for rail and transportation market and is ideal for applications such as rail air conditioning systems.

Remote Connectivity

Organisations are searching for ways to streamline their operational processes. Our vision is to help our customers connect monitoring and control technology, processes and systems to the internet via...


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