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Programmable Controllers

The PC3 series is extremely flexible because you can select the configuration of analogue, digital and communications interfaces. The alternative PC2 series has a wide variety of on-board interfaces, making it the "go-to" controller for many applications.

Modular Design

A wide variety of communications, analogue and discrete input and output modules combine to match any application.

Easy Programming

Use either our IEC61131-3 (Ladder Diagram, Function Block Diagram, Structured Text, Instruction List, Sequential Function Chart) or our powerful embedded Linux and C.


Cloud Connected

The controllers connect natively to the OEM Cloud to store data for later analysis.
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Intuitive User Interface

A powerful web interface is great for maintenance staff to view the current status of the system.


PC3 Series Modular Controller

This modular rail compliant controller allows you to select any number and type of PC3 I/O modules and communications interfaces to form the controller you need.


PC2 Series Adaptable Controller

This comprehensive rail compliant controller connects to a wide range of sensors and interfaces. An LCD / keypad is optional. 

iecTeso Programming System - Make application development easy. Using a selection of program blocks according to IEC61133-3, iecTeso has Ladder Diagram, Function Block Diagram, Sequential Function Chart and Instruction List. Make use of the pre-certified function blocks for many of the major TCMS protocols.
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webTeso User Interface - The standard web interface provides screens for system configuration and maintenance. The graphic screens are easy to navigate using stadard web browers. Custom screens can be developed to display the real time status of the system. 

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