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Revitalised Range Of Rugged & Reliable Remote I/O Modules

OEM Technology Solutions’ IO3130 & IO3410 modules have been enhanced to allow direct interfacing to high inrush current contactors for 72Vdc and 110Vdc.


The IO3130 and IO3410 units are the latest update to OEM Technology Solutions’ series of I/O modules.

Designed to endure the conditions of the railways, the IO3130 and IO3410 modules have been specifically developed with resistance to short circuiting and high inrush currents in mind. Both boards have undergone an architectural redesign and are capable of directly interfacing to a large range of 72Vdc and 110Vdc contactors. As such, both I/O boards are capable of handling high inrush current without compromising their functionality.

In addition, both the IO3130 and the IO3410 modules are shock and vibration resistant in accordance with EN 50155 regulations.

The IO3130 module features 12 Digital Outputs, whilst the IO3410 module is equipped with 8 Digital Inputs and 8 Digital Outputs. These Inputs and Outputs are self-resetting, short circuit protected and galvanically isolated from the I/O Bus and adjacent modules. Both the IO3130 and the IO3410 modules are suitable for nominal battery voltages of 72Vdc or 110Vd c.

Both IO modules can be incorporated into OEM’s PC3 Series of Programmable Controllers and are programmable in “C” or any of the IEC 61131–3 languages. They are ideal for a range of rail-related applications, including Condition Based Monitoring (CBM), Remote I/O and Subsystem Control and Monitoring.  

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