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OEM Join Industry Titans At Summit

OEM’s best visit the Windy City to display their cutting-edge technology.


Chicago, Illinois has played host to this year’s Passenger Rolling Stock Maintenance Summit, which brought some of the biggest names in rail together under one roof.

Many of the largest suppliers of rail sub-systems in the world made an appearance, alongside senior decision makers from railway operators and transit authorities from North America, South America, Canada and Europe

The summit provided a chance to discuss the realities and challenges of rolling stock maintenance, as well as where the future of the industry might lead.

And for those who visited stall thirteen, it was also a chance to put a face on the technology that’s in so many of their trains.
When OEM’s CEO James McLeod travelled to Chicago with North American Representative Eric Schook, he met many of the companies that rely on OEM’s compact silver boxes on a daily basis.


OEM’s programmable controllers are found throughout trains all across the globe, with over thirty-five thousand systems present across twenty-four countries.

The OEM name is well recognised for its cutting-edge technology and custom solutions. 

The programmable controllers and remote I/O devices that OEM develop, program and produce serve as core components for many of the sub-systems within trains around the world. Not only do they enable applications like air-conditioning, doors and brakes to function, they also collect and transmit data about the performance of these systems. 

The data that OEM’s devices accrue is crucial to Condition Based Monitoring (CBM), which is the practice that underpins modern rolling stock maintenance.

OEM were proud to co-sponsor this year’s Passenger Rolling Stock Maintenance Summit.

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