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Rail Vehicle Climate Control

OEM's HVAC customers depend on our experience and expertise in railway electronics and control to deliver them the most reliable, cost effective HVAC control system possible. 


OEM is the largest independent supplier of rail HVAC control systems in the world. With over two decades of experience in hardware and software development, the OEM team specialises in delivering customised HVAC control solutions designed to withstand the harsh conditions of railways. OEM’s HVAC control system hardware is EN50155 compliant, ensuring it will continue to function in a variety of extreme conditions. It is certified to withstand operational temperatures ranging from -40°C to +70°C, as well as switch-on temperatures of +85°C for up to ten minutes. In addition, the HVAC control system possesses full short circuit protection. 

The software components of OEM’s HVAC solution provide benefits that both reduce running costs and improve the longevity of the equipment, without compromising passenger comfort. The Advanced Temperature Control System uses predictive and pre-emptive fuzzy logic control strategies to optimise

temperature and humidity management, providing passengers with a comfortable journey. A Smart Power Management System monitors and controls the air conditioning based on factors such as external temperature and passenger load, maximising energy efficiency and reducing running costs. In addition, our intelligent Compressor Protection System balances the load across all compressors in the HVAC system, ensuring equal wear and helping to avoid costly equipment failures. OEM’s HVAC control solutions connect to a range of Train Control and Management Systems, using protocols such as MVB, CANOpen, MELCO, CIP and many more.   OEM is committed to providing our HVAC clients with customized solutions, speed to market, quality products and long term support.

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