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What’s Cooler Than Cool? OEM Technology Solutions Develops On-Train Freezer Monitoring

Ensure food safety for passengers with rail hardened freezer monitoring system.

The average passenger has no concept of the level of complexity that exists ‘behind the scenes’ in even seemingly simple on-train systems. Even common technologies and conveniences such as lighting, air-conditioning and refrigeration must take on new dimensions when placed onto rail vehicles in order to maintain functionality in the face of the unique challenges of the railway environment.


Quite simply, while rail transport may be a comfortable and convenient means of travel for the people sitting in passenger cars, it places tremendous strain upon the electronics that make it all possible. High temperatures, intense vibration and electrical surges are par for the course – just some of the many conditions that rail hardened technology must be equipped to withstand.

OEM Technology Solutions was recently tasked with designing a system for monitoring freezer temperatures in the buffet cars of a trainset, ensuring food safety standards were met in the challenging conditions of the railways.

Fortunately, OEM Technology Solutions has over twenty-five years of experience in developing electronic systems for difficult, even hostile environments. This pedigree, coupled with finely honed systems engineering skills allowed OEM Technology Solutions to design and produce a high quality, railway compliant system.

OEM Technology Solutions provided our customer with a comprehensive system, complete with an inbuilt web-based interface and a secure remote monitoring interface that makes use of the OEM Cloud.

The PC3282 controller that serves as the logger constantly monitors the freezer, taking note of the temperature every minute and providing an average over five-minute intervals. It also monitors the power supply voltage.

Conditional alerts are sent to remote devices and an on-train alarm will trigger if the freezer slips out of the preapproved range. An LCD with Keypad unit is also included, allowing staff to review recent temperature readings and respond to alarms.

The temperature logging system is rail compliant, ensuring unimpeded functionality in the challenging environment of the railways. And, like all the best on-train systems, passengers will never even know it exists.



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