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OEM Technology Solutions Launch Their Most Flexible Programmable Controller Yet

Adaptable, software configurable and rail hardened; the PC2610 provides users with unparalleled control.


The latest addition to OEM Technology Solutions’ PC2 series of controllers has launched and is quickly proving itself to be a valuable addition to the family.

The PC2610 is part of OEM Technology Solutions’ adaptable PC2 range – general purpose controllers that are designed to be as versatile as possible. In that regard, the PC2610 excels.

The PC2610 was designed from the ground up to maximise the flexibility it would afford the user. To this end, the PC2610 features six software configurable analogue inputs, sixteen software configurable digital inputs, sixteen low-side (sinking) digital outputs, three software configurable universal inputs and two software configurable universal outputs. This already impressive array can be further augmented with remote I/O expansion through the PC2610’s RS485 port.

The software configurable inputs and outputs are configurable for voltage, current and resistance based upon the user’s specific requirements. This configuration is entirely at the user’s control.

In order to maximise the PC2610’s versatility, the programmable controller supports most railway Ethernet based TCMS protocols, including TRDP, IPTCom and CIP. This built in functionality ensures that the PC2610 is able to integrate seamlessly into the vast majority of onboard systems.

The PC2610 is suitable for a broad range of railway applications, including passenger vehicle condition based monitoring (CBM), HVAC control systems, locomotive performance and condition monitoring,

trackside monitoring and SCADA, industrial control systems, onboard controls for fire protection, power packs and doors. To aid in these functionalities, the PC2610 is capable of generating and storing data logs and event logs, which can then easily be retrieved and viewed in a web server by an onsite technician. For CBM applications, the PC2610 can be equipped with an optional 3G/GPS module.

The PC2610 also boasts  10/100 Mbps wired Ethernet capabilities, two RS232 serial communications ports and a single 2-wire non-isolated RS485 serial communications port, as well as a microSD card interface.  

The PC2610 is suitable for power supplies of 24VDC and features reverse polarity protection. The PC2610 is capable of handling minimum voltages of 14VDC and a maximum voltage of 40VDC if necessary.

Designed to withstand the rigours of the railways, the PC2610 is compliant with the stringent EN 50155:2017 and EN 61373:2010 requirements for on-train electronics. This includes, among other things, an operating temperature range of -40°C to +70°C and resistance to shock and vibration.

The PC2610 is programmable using the iecTeso programming suite, an easy to use application which supports the main IEC 61131-3 languages. Designed and built for railway applications, users may make use of Sequential Function Charts (SFC), Function Block Diagrams (FBD), Ladder Diagrams (LD) and Structured Text (ST) to customise the functionality of their PC2610 units.

The iecTeso programming workbench has multilingual functionality and runs on 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. With its ease of programming, compact physical footprint, software configurable inputs and outputs and suite of communications ports, the PC2610 provides its users with a versatile product that more than meets difficult demands of the railway industry.

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