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Custom Designs To Solve Your Obsolescence Issues

Make obsolescence problems history - OEM Technology Solutions builds custom products and solutions to replace outdated technology.

Riding the rails exacts a heavy toll upon any equipment that spends significant time on the tracks. Combine this with the fact that on-train electronics rarely exist in a vacuum, usually forming one piece of a greater puzzle, and it is easy to see why products and systems designed for rolling stock will usually have very specific requirements. Because of this, developing new products and systems for integration into an existing environment or replacing obsolete components can pose a serious problem for rail operators.

OEM Technology Solutions has spent the last two and a half decades striving to solve this problem - developing the products and honing the skills necessary to provide their customers with the best in custom design services.


This pedigree enables OEM Technology Solutions to develop pin-for-pin replacement products with identical fit, form and function. The recently developed PC2100 programmable controller is an example of this service, serving as an upgrade for the now outdated PK2100 controller that is in use on the Electrostar and Turbostar fleets within the HVAC subsystem.

Each new project is guided by OEM Technology Solutions’ stringent adherence to quality systems engineering methodology. Customers present their unique requirements and OEM Technology Solutions, guided by the ‘V-Model,’ will provide several appropriate options to choose from. From here, a project brief is developed, and work begins.

OEM Technology Solutions’ teams of software and hardware engineers are seasoned veterans when it comes to developing for rail and wider transport and industrial applications. Each solution OEM Technology Solutions develops draws upon this wealth of experience to deliver either an innovative answer to a unique problem or, in the case of obsolescence issues – a pin-for-pin replacement for an existing product with identical form, fit and functionality.

OEM Technology Solutions’ existing suite of products augments this repository of knowledge. Industry proven programmable controllers and remote I/O units – compliant with EN 50155 standards – provide the versatile building blocks from which a custom product emerges.

The entire process is tied together neatly by OEM Technology Solution’s excellent project management skills. By maintaining regular communication throughout the design, development and manufacturing process, OEM Technology Solutions is able to respond to the evolving needs of their customer. Tight regulation of both scheduling and costs ensures that customers have the confidence they need to proceed in their projects.

OEM Technology Solutions offers a complete suite of custom design services, allowing customers to make their product or solution vision into a reality.



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