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Conditon Based Monitoring

Collect detailed information on the condition of your trains, dramatically reducing the cost of maintenance.


Condition Based Monitoring is the future of rolling stock maintenance. Put simply, Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) enables our clients to collect detailed information on the condition of their trains, dramatically reducing the cost of maintenance whilst simultaneously increasing the accuracy and reliability of any upkeep that is performed.

OEM offers a completely customised CBM solution tailored to address each client’s unique requirements. A compact data concentrator provides the foundation of OEM’s monitoring system, connecting to and collecting information from essential sub-systems throughout the train. The data collected is then transmitted either directly to the client or stored on the OEM Cloud to be accessed at any time. 

This data collection unit can interface directly with on-board signals from existing sensors with its own galvanically isolated interface, ensuring a consistent connection with sub-systems such as brakes, speedometers, doors and HVAC.

OEM's engineers specialise in product design and validation to EN50155 and RIA-12, which guarantees their solution is capable of withstanding the rigours of the rails. In addition, if existing sub-system sensors are not in place, OEM can provide them as part of their full turnkey solution. 

OEM provides a solution that allows their clients to monitor the condition of their vehicles and enables customers to use this data to reliably predict failures ahead of time. 

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