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CBM1100 Battery Powered
Asset Tracking

The CBM1100 is a low-profile, rugged 2G or 3G GPS device designed for tracking non-powered assets where super-long battery life is required without sacrificing the frequency of updates and accuracy performance.

The CBM1100 is able to roam onto cellular networks across the globe giving you global coverage of your assets' movements at a low SIM card data cost. Communications with the device are two-way, allowing the CBM1100’s behaviour and update rates to be changed Over-The-Air (OTA), including the ability to be switched into a “Recovery Mode.” 

• Remote Condition Monitoring
• Non-Powered Asset Tracking
• Vehicle and Wagon Tracking
• Yard Geo-fencing Monitoring and Alerting
• Trailers and Mobile Assets
• Run Hour and Distance Monitoring
• Anchoring and Security of Assets

• Up to 5 years battery life with once per day logging
• Up to 2 years battery life with detailed tracking
• No install required, simply “place ‘n trace”
• IP67 water and dust proof
• Rugged, robust and low-profile
• Off-the-shelf replaceable C Batteries
• Configure over-the-air (OTA)
• Switch from “locate” to “track” over-the-air
• Magnetic tamper detection (optional)
• Unauthorised movement alert
• Integrated 3 axis accelerometer
• Limited speed alerts
• Temperature Monitoring
• 50k records data logging capacity

Power Requirements:

• 4 x C-Cell Size
 - 4 x Alkaline batteries: Industrial type recommended
 - 4 x LTC batteries: Larger temperature range and capacity

Sleep Current:

• 5-10μA (microamps) depending on setup


• -20°C to +60°C (For operation in extreme temperatures the device must be fitted with LTC batteries)

Cellular Connectivity:

• Network: 2G/3G HSDPA (future 4G LTE CatM1)
• SIM: Standard (2FF) cellular SIM
• GSM Antenna: Internal cellular antenna tuned by RF laboratories to ensure optimal performance


• Analyse SIM and detect APN from pre-loaded list.
• Multi-APN on board for roaming

GPS Tracking:

• GPS Module: High sensitivity assisted GPS receiver, 72 channel
• GPS Antenna with LNA: Internal antenna. Boosted by low-noise amplifier (LNA) allows operation in "urban canyons" and container stacks

Adaptive Tracking:

• Adaptive-Tracking technology enables accelerometer and GPS data to be used intelligently to work out if it is moving and send frequent updates, as well as to scale the update down to once per day if the asset is stationary in order to preserve battery life

AssistNow Tracking:

• Predicts satellite locations, reduces the time to first fix, improves performance in "urban canyons"

Temperature Sensor:

• The on board temperature sensor is accurate to +/-5°C

Internal Memory:

• Flash memory can store 50,000 records

Recovery Mode:

• Switch from Daily Locate to Live Tracking over-the-air

3D Accelerometer:

• The 3 axis accelerometer allows the device to "sleep" in an ultra-low power state yet still wake up when movement occurs

Tamper Detection:

• Optional magnetic wireless tamper switch detects when the device is removed from the asset

Performance Monitoring:

• Track how the Remora is using its power with intelligent performance counters. Monitor wakeups, GPS fixes, uploads and more to understand exactly what the device is doing


• Enclosure Material: IP67 UV Stabilised ABS/Polycarbonate
• Product Dimensions: 261mm(L) x 75mm(W) x 32mm(H)
• Weight: 500g with batteries installed


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